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About Stine Vet and Bakersfield Spay Clinic

The mission of our hospital is to fulfill the needs of our patients by providing quality, yet affordable, pet care services through a responsive professional staff. We emphasize individual attention and commitment to our clients, and their pets!

In 1980, Dr. Paulson purchased the Bakersfield Spay Clinic from long-time owner Dr. Barney. Since that time he has converted this clinic into a full service veterinary hospital.

At Stine Vet, we take pride in offering the most complete range of veterinary care, as well as the highest degree of professionalism from our veterinarian and staff members:


Roger Paulson DVM 
Dr. Paulson received his veterinary degree in 1979 from Iowa State University. He has been practicing veterinary medicine and surgery for the past 32 years. Dr. Paulson has extensive clinical experience, and both elective (spay/neuter) and general surgical skills. He is a devoted husband and father of two exceptionally beautiful daughters. The Paulson's share their home with a variety of pets.

Office Staff

Melissa Pickin 
Office Manager 
Melissa has been with us since early 2007 and has held almost every position here at the hospital. Melissa handles our website, social media, as well as hospital administration, accounts receivable and accounts payable. She is always more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Melissa, her husband and daughter share their home with 5 rescued pets!

Desiree Haught 
Phone: 661-398-7121 ext 202 
Desiree is a very vibrant young woman, she joined our team in 2011 and has become a valued member of our family. Desiree has a 2 year old future veterinarian and a plethora of pets!.


Rebecca Brizendine 
Rebecca was born in Bakersfield but moved to Los Angeles to further her knowledge in animal rescue. She has just recently moved back and is excited to learn more about animal care and welfare from Dr. Paulson. She has a bubbly, outgoing spirit and is eager to create a pleasant atmosphere for those around her. For as long as she can remember she has enjoyed being surrounded by animals and is known for rescuing and fostering countless animals that come her way. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her many rescue animals including a Boston Terrier Mix named Nova and a cockatiel named Charlie to name a couple. She enjoys painting, dancing and visiting local animal rescues with her fiancé Marvin.

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