National Dog Day

Nobody will ever love you as much as your dog! They truly are man’s best friend, our constant companions and confidants. Although we celebrate our canine companions all year long August 26th is the official, National Dog Day! There are a wide variety of ways to celebrate your canine(s), including adopting a dog from your local shelter! Give a homeless pet a new home and you will surely be rewarded daily with love and appreciation. Maybe a trip to see us for some preventative maintenance that will help prolong their life, a trip to the pet store for some treats and new toys or some quality play time in your backyard or at the park! Get out and reward your dog for loving you!


Dog Care - Have a new dog in your life? - Click here to learn about basic care for your fuzzy new family member.
Cat Care - Have a new cat in your life? - Click here to learn what care your new feline family member needs for a purr-fect home.

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Stine Veterinary Hospital & Bakersfield Spay Clinic is a full service Veterinary Hospital, serving Bakersfield and Kern County's pets since 1980. Whether your dog or cat needs a xray, spay, nueter, vaccine, flea treatment or  just a checkup, we'd be happy to welcome your furry family member into our hospital. 

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"Who would believe such pleasure from a wee ball o' fur" -Irish Proverb
National Dog Day!
Celebrate your furry BFF today!