Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer: Heatstroke, Part I.

Dr. Justine Lee has some tips to help you pooch avoid heat stroke. For more from Dr. Lee, find her on Facebook!

As August approaches, peak summer heat does too.  While I still want you and Fido to spend time outside this summer, it’s really important to know how to do so safely.

Heat stroke, which is defined in veterinary medicine as a body temperature above > 103°F (39°C), is commonly seen in dogs. While it can occur in cats, it’s really rare.  The higher the body temperature, the more life-threatening it is to your dog. As core body temperature approaches > 106°F (41°C), the sooner death can occur.

So, how do you prevent it? By recognizing the top 3 causes for it. As an emergency critical care specialist, I see heat stoke due to:

  •     Locking a dog in a car without adequate ventilation (this doesn’t mean cracking your windows open!).
  •     Exercising with a dog when there is excessive heat and humidity – especially if your pet has an underlying medical problem predisposing them to heat stroke!
  •     Leaving your outdoor dog in the sweltering heat without adequate water or shelter/shade.
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